How many US citizens imprisoned in Turkey?

Pastor Andrew Brunson US citizen after the unreleased process that began with the sanctions also be one of the issues on the table at the Ankara-Washington line creates the situation of detained US citizens in Turkey.

A delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Önal went to Washington last week to talk about the matter. But the contacts remained inconclusive.

US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said in a statement the day of talks of the delegation, not only Brunson, a prisoner with all of the detained citizen of Turkey was pointed out that on the table of the status of diplomatic missions employees.

Nauert described the development that the US expects and wants to see as “returning to the homes of Brunson, (local officials in diplomatic missions) and other US citizens”.

Reports in the US press are said to have detained 12 American citizens and three domestic staff members at the diplomatic mission. Some sources also mention the phrase “more than 20 US citizens” have been taken into custody or arrested in the past two years.

The number of US citizens still imprisoned in Turkey for at least 6, and 3 detainees is a consular employee.


All except Brunson are double citizens

The US administration does not disclose a definite number because the identity of some of the families is being kept secret and the circumstances of these people change within the judicial process.

However, the number of US citizens who have been subjected to any extradition, investigation, detention, or detention in the period of the state of emergency (OHAL), which was declared after the coup attempt on July 15, 2016, and lasted for two years, is expressed as “dozens”.

At the moment it is stated that “a small amount of US citizen” is detained in prison or under house arrest.

The Washington administration is also demanding the release of a US citizen, defined as “a small amount”.

According to information compiled from reports in US official statements and press reports, the number of US citizens in custody Turkey at least 6 also serving in diplomatic missions in the US and a number of local employees who are currently in detention 3.

All of these people except Pastor Brunson also a citizen of Turkey. All of these persons are under arrest due to investigations linked to the OHAL period and the coup attempt.

The US administration, the convicted or detained for ordinary crimes in Turkey who assesses their citizens out of this process. In a statement carried on or conducted negotiations with Turkey no demand raised by the parties concerned with these people of Washington.

The government expresses that the authorities have made a decision that the Brunson case is a judicial process and that it will be decided by the court.


US citizens who are known to be imprisoned in Turkey?

Among these names is the name Bruno the Pie who is the most sought-after person.

Brunson living over 20 years in Turkey, after the refusal of the permanent residence permit application, He was referred to the Refuge Center in Bornova province of Izmir to be deported in October 2016 and detained on the same day in December 2016 on charges of being a member of Fethullah Gülen Community.

Brunson is being tried on charges of “committing a crime on behalf of the Gülen Community and the PKK” and “espionage” for up to 35 years in prison.

Another imprisoned US citizen is Serkan Gölge.

The 38-year-old Mr.Gölge, working at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), was detained in Hatay in 2016 and was prosecuted for up to 15 years imprisonment on charges of “joining the terrorist organization named the Gülen community.”

In February 2018, Mr.Gölge was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. The US explained that the conviction was taken “without credible evidence” and that it was concerned.

Apart from these two names, there is no other name that the United States admits to being officially and publicly imprisoned.



According to New York Times report published in this week, A couple US citizen while working at a private university in the west of Turkey, They were sentenced to 10 years on the grounds specified as terrorist links“.

While the couple’s identity is not given, it is stated that the male is still in Sincan Prison and the woman is evicted on the grounds that she is a small child and that if the decision is finalized, she will enter the prison.

The New York Times also wrote that the Islam Kul, a member of the Widener University Department of Chemistry, and his estate broker brother Mustafa Kul, were arrested in Bursa in August 2016 for being a member of the Gülen community, and are still in prison.

Thus, according to the US official releases and New York Times reported, the number of US citizens who are still prisoners who are in prison in Turkey for trial or as a result appears to be at least 6.


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