Imprisonment and betrayal: why Ronaldo left the Real

It became known when and why the five-time winner of the Golden Ball, Cristiano Ronaldo, decided to leave Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who switched from Real Madrid to Juventus in Turin in the summer, decided to leave the “Royal Club” at the beginning of the 2017/18 season. The football player was unhappy with the prosecution of the tax service of Spain, as well as the “betrayal” by the president of “Real” Florentino Perez.

El Mundo journalists Esteban Urreiztieta and Orfeo Suárez published a detailed article on the pages of the publication, revealing the details of the events that served as a catalyst for the departure of the Portuguese to Juventus.

In their material, the journalists talk about the meeting held on May 11, 2017, when the footballer invited his agent Jorge Mendes at his villa in the residential area of ​​La Finca.

Ronaldo’s lawyers were present there, and El Mundo got at its disposal the smallest details of the meeting, including the color of the floor, the literal quotations of the participants and a picture of Carlos Osorio, exhausted from resting on the couch after the conversation had ended.

The main brunt has come to Osorio, Mendes’ lawyer in charge of dealing with the details of the main deals. Ronaldo organized a meeting to understand where his multi-million dollar debt to the Spanish state came from.

– I have no education. The only thing I did in my life was a game of football. But I’m not stupid, I do not trust anyone. That is why, when I hire a consultant, I pay him 30% more than he asks. Because I do not want problems.
Cristiano Ronaldo

“Who is responsible for all this? – Cristiano began the conversation, referring exactly to Osorio.

“Cris, I am responsible. Calm down, everything is in order, we will fight until death”, Osorio replied.

At the same time, the source of El Mundo claims that the others who were at the table, on which there were a Marilyn Monroe’s photo (one more detail), understood the complexity of the situation during the conversation.

“I never said that taxes do not have to be paid! I want to know what happened! I do not understand anything, the sponsors pay taxes. Why did they charge me?”

– Ronaldo was losing his temper. The main problem was in the money received by the offshore company football player Tollin Associates on advertising contracts Ronaldo. The player himself believed that the funds were already received after deduction of taxes and did not understand why in Spain he had such problems, although during performances in England for Manchester United everything was all right with the same scheme of work.

After his transfer to Real Madrid, Cristiano asked Osorio to learn the nuances of the Spanish laws. However, the lawyer, obviously, took the assignment carelessly and did nothing.

According to El Mundo, famous for his position of supporting Real’s main rival in the Spanish arena, Barcelona, ​​six factors convinced the Portuguese superstar to leave Madrid.

Firstly, the club did not stand up for the player before the authorities. If in Barcelona, ​​where Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano and other players faced similar problems, the situation was resolved according to the established scheme, then the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, refused to vouch for the player before the treasury for his extra-club income.

Cristiano Ronaldo found this a betrayal.

After that, the “Royal Club” missed the opportunity to correct the situation when Osorio discovered in the contract the point under which Real had to take care of unforeseen tax liabilities. But the club ignored the player’s request to compensate for the tax penalties by updating the financial terms of the contract.

The third and fourth reasons relate to football and image moments. Ronaldo did not like that he, the current owner of the “Golden Ball”, became only the world’s third player in salary after Messi and transferred to “PSG” Neimar. In addition, the Portuguese was annoyed that the club management constantly called the best player in the history of the Real Argentinean Alfredo di Stefano.

“They always say that. I don’t know what else I need to do so that they call me”, – that’s what, according to El Mundo, Cristiano complained to his surroundings.

Also, Cristiano did not like the rumors that Zinedine Zidane, the head coach of Real at that time, had complained to the club management about him. The French specialist did not like the fact that the Portuguese in the dressing room spoke only about his problems, and he asked Perez to resolve the situation.
Finally, the club proposed a salary of 25 million euros clean with the opportunity to earn another 5 million bonuses, but football player found it disrespect, finally deciding to leave the Spanish capital.

It was in the summer of 2017, when a transfer offer from Manchester United came to Real, Florentino Perez realized the seriousness of the situation and concluded a gentleman’s agreement with Mendes: “Bring me 100 million euros and he is free”.

Before last season, the Portuguese refused to the Italian “Milan”, “Manchester United” and the French “PSG”, which wanted to issue a transfer on the last day of the window, so that Real could not poach Neimar or Kylian Mbappé from Paris. Ronaldo and Mendes considered such a scheme too risky.

As a result, according to the edition, Ronaldo already at the beginning of the season-2017/18 regretted that he had not left Real, and in December he himself asked the agent to go to Juventus.

“I like them, they have an organized club. And I do not forget that Juventus tried to sign me back in the days of Sporting. Tell them: “Over the past two years, you have twice reached the Champions League final, with me you can win the trophy”, – another quote from a private conversation from El Mundo.

As a result, the case decided two points: Juventus guaranteed the player legal security and assured that there will be no problems with taxes, and also offered a fixed salary.
It is reported that Mendes until the last counted on Perez’s activation and the continuation of the client’s career in Madrid, but Ronaldo himself was categorically:

“I will be for those who appreciated me when Madrid did not. If Florentino comes and gives me twice as much, I will answer that I do not care. I turn to Juve.

Interestingly, Perez still helped Ronaldo to understand the problem with taxes, recommending his own experienced lawyer Chitin Del Valle.

It was he who convinced Ronaldo and Mendes to abandon all previous advisers and change the negotiation strategy so as not to end up in prison.

Cristiano insisted that he was not a criminal, Osorio was also against the deal with the tax authorities, but the new advisers convinced the player in the reality of the prison term, and eventually signed a pre-trial agreement, which removed all claims after the payment of 18.8 million euros.

At this point, Ronaldo’s story in Real Madrid was completed, and nothing more connected him with Madrid.

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