Indonesian earthquake: loss of life rise to 91

It has been revealed that at least 91 people lost their lives in the magnitude of seven earthquakes in Lombok Island, east of Indonesia.

When hundreds of people were injured in the earthquake, it was reported that the situation of 209 people was heavy. The Indonesian Meteorological, Climate and Geophysical Institute (BMKG) announced that the city of Mataram in Lombok Island has been detected 15 kilometers deep in the northeast of the depression site.

The National Disaster Management Agency Spokesperson Sutopo Purwo Nugroho stated that the northern part of Lombok Island, the east and the town of Mataram are the areas most affected by the earthquake, while many of the victims explained that their lives had been lost under the wreckage of the destruction of houses.



A large number of first-aid teams and health personnel were sent for rescue and rescue operations in the region when more houses were damaged than in the earthquake.

Authorities said thousands of people evacuated from the area were trying to provide basic necessities such as blankets, tents and food materials.

In the meantime, the schools in the region were announced that the training was interrupted today; The tsunami warning following the depreciation was also removed.

Tourists flocked to the airport

After the earthquake, thousands of tourists flocked to Lombok Airport in Kuta. Authorities demand additional flights due to the piled up at the airport, while some tourists were observed to be bathrobes and nightgowns at the airport.

In the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that hit the same region last week, 16 people have lost their lives and have been evacuated to more mountain climbers than in the region for tourist purposes.


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