Interesting museum robbery in the US: 7,000 live bugs were stolen

A museum in Philadelphia, the United States (USA), 40 thousand dollars worth of 7 thousand insects and reptiles were stolen.

It is not uncommon to find that among the insects stolen from this theft, there is also a poisonous 6-eyed sand spider, which is a rare species.

Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion Following the security cameras of the named museum, authorities saw three thieves stealing thousands of insect bins, at least 80 percent of the museum inventory. Police officers suspected of the old and new employees of the museum were all under close scrutiny, which would be of interest to the event. It was learned that police investigating the incident brought back some bugs to the museum.

The director of the museum, John Brooks, said that he had never seen such a theft of live beetles. Bearing in mind that it was not difficult to sell insects, Brooks said stolen insects were not covered by current museum insurances. Brooks also pointed out that they are launching donation campaigns from social media to recreate the collection if it can not be found.

Recorded as a total of 40,000 dolars, these animals were collected from dry forests and deserts in South Africa, South America and Central America and brought to the museum. Among the stolen animals, it was learned that there were important species such as zebra tarantulas, desert feathered acreps and red spot assassin bugs and domino bath bugs.

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