“Israel feared Russian S-300 systems in Syria”

Noting that the Israeli army did not regulate military operations alone in Syria after the fall of the Russian IL-20 plane on September 17th, Contra Magazine commented that Israel fears the S-300 air defence systems deployed in Syria.

The Contra Magazine magazine, published in Austria, held a lens as long as the province-20 plane was dropped with 15 people within the result of the Israeli aircraft being targeted by Syrian missile defence systems.

Although Russia’s decision to distribute the S-300 to Syria, Israel’s many times reminded that Syria will not stop the attacks Contra Magazine, “But since the history of the Il-20 tragedy, Operation News has been wide In the form of the Israeli press, there was no news about them “.

“Nevertheless, the possibility that the attacks and the press have stopped writing them will not be ignored,” contra Magazine added.

15 Russian soldiers were killed in the plane that crashed near Hmyemim base in Latakia, Russia. The Russian Defence Ministry announced that Israeli warplanes, which attacked targets in Syria, used the Russian plane as a ‘ shield ‘ and caused Syria’s S-200 air defense elements to lower the Russian plane.

Following the incident, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu announced that the S-300 will be supplied to Syria as part of measures to increase the security of Russia’s troops in Syria.

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