Israeli army hit UN-run school in strike in Gaza

The Israeli army has damaged a school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees in an air strike carried out in the early hours of Thursday.

The army had struck Hamas targets in response to incendiary balloons launched into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, and a spokeswoman said that “during the operation, a school building was accidentally damaged.”

“The incident is being reviewed,” she added.

“Explosive balloons continued to be launched from Gaza into Israel on Thursday, causing fires on land across southern Israel,” the Israeli Defence Forces tweeted.

“In response, we just struck Hamas targets in Gaza, including a military compound, underground infrastructure & observation posts.”

Abu Hasna, the media adviser of UNRWA in Gaza, told reporters: “It seems that the UNRWA Beach Primary School got some damage by an Israeli raid last night on western Gaza.”

The Hamas Interior Ministry released a statement accusing Israel of targeting the school with a missile.

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