Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership ratings have crashed to their worst yet amid fresh divisions in Labour over his  Brexit stance.

The Labour leader’s scores among both the public and Labour supporters have dropped in recent weeks, exclusive research by Ipsos MORI reveals today.

Only one in five people now trusts him on Brexit, one in six thinks he gives strong leadership on it, and less than a fifth believe he puts the national interest first on the issue. 

Mr Corbyn’s net satisfaction score of minus 55 is comparable with the worst days of Michael Foot, regarded as the party’s worst ever leader, who took it to a catastrophic defeat in 1983.

The poll will fuel alarm among Labour MPs about the party’s failure to overtake the Conservatives, plus criticism of Mr Corbyn for sitting on the fence over Brexit and failing to expel anti-Semites.

Since December the proportion of the public satisfied with his performance has slumped from 27 per cent to 17 per cent — the lowest number recorded in Ipsos MORI’s archives by any Labour leader apart from Mr Foot, who dipped to 13 per cent in 1982.

The proportion who are dissatisfied with Mr Corbyn has jumped from 59 to 72 per cent since December.

Under half of Labour voters (44 per cent) are happy with him. Tory leader Theresa May still enjoys a positive rating of +34 among Conservative voters.

Just 20 per cent of people trust Mr Corbyn to make the right decisions on Europe, which trails behind even Mrs May’s low figure of 34 per cent.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, said the unusual thing about Mr Corbyn was that he was up against an unpopular premier. 

“Often in our trends when one leader is down another is in the ascendant, but that isn’t the case now,” he said. 

Ipsos MORI interviewed 1,005 adults across GB by phone, from February 1 to 5. Data is weighted. Details at

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