Kiev Deploying Offensive Forces to Donbass, Military Actions Possible

Kiev is deploying major offensive components to Donbas, with reports about the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ preparations for military actions emerging, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has stated.

“Unfortunately, over the past days, the information about the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ active preparations for possible military actions in Donbas has been emerging more often… Against the backdrop of the media hype caused by Kiev’s attempts to draw the international community’s attention to its own provocation in the Kerch Strait region, which is being portrayed as Russia’s aggressive actions, considerable offensive components are being deployed to the region, which then relocated along the entire contact line,” Zakharova told reporters.

Russia does not exclude the possibility of provocations by the Ukrainian security forces in the Donbass, including with the use of chemical toxic substances, according to Zakharova.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has also commented on the imposition of martial law in several Ukrainian regions that is reportedly providing an excuse for Kiev to stage a new provocation in Donbas.

“Martial law serves to camouflage Poroshenko regime’s intention to stage a new provocation in Donbas,” Zakharova told a briefing, adding that Moscow does not rule that Kiev might state new provocations in the region with the use of toxic substances.

Moscow calls on the OSCE monitoring mission to intensify observational activities in the Donbas, she said.

We will not impose any restrictive measures against Ukrainian citizens, which are in Russia or plan to visit it,” Zakharova added.

The statements come after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree to impose martial law in a number of Ukrainian regions, following an incident when three Ukrainian ships illegally entered the Russian territorial waters near the Kerch Strait. The ships were seized by Russia after failing to react to legal demands to abandon dangerous manoeuvres.

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