Kim Jong Un says North Korea plans to develop more tactical nuclear weapons

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un plans to develop more tactical nuclear weapons, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported.

The North Korean leader said the country is developing a nuclear-powered submarine, tactical nuclear weapons and advanced warheads designed to penetrate missile defence systems.

“Our external political activities going forward should be focused on suppressing and subduing the US, the basic obstacle, biggest enemy against our revolutionary development,” Kim said.

Analysts feel the 37-year-old’s announcement could be his way of sending US President-elect Joe Biden that dealing with North Korea will be a tough challenge. The announcement was made at the Workers Party Congress, where the leader also spoke about the economic difficulties the country was facing due to trade with China plummeting on account of border closures to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country.

The leader also said that North Korea will be a responsible user of nuclear weapons and will be committed to a “no first use policy of nuclear weapons.”

“As a responsible nuclear power, North Korea will not abuse nuclear weapons unless invasive hostile forces try to use it against it,” he said. He also said boosting the country’s nuclear arsenal did not exclude diplomacy, but, at the same time, warned adversaries against “attempts to violate the country’s highest interests and dignity.” The leader also said that the US needs to end its “policy of hostility” to establish new relations with North Korea. At the meeting, Kim Jong Un also called the US a “war monster” and his “biggest main enemy.”

North Korea has maintained that the US is deploying armed forces in East Asia and its policy towards the South as a commitment to protect South Korea under the US “nuclear umbrella.”

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