Mafia gives 2.2 million euro as compensation

Dissolved in acid: the Italian family received compensation after the murder of their son by the sicilyan mafia

The Sicilyan court in Palermo enacted to pay two million euros to the family of 12-year-old Giuseppe Di Matteo, who was kidnapped and two years later killed by “Cosa Nostra” in the mid-90s.

Giuseppe was abducted in November 1993. The perpetrators thus wanted to intimidate his father, the repentant Mafiosi, who agreed to cooperate with the investigators. The boy’s mother decided to apply to the police only 20 days later, having received from the bandits a photograph of her son with the newspaper’s number for the day of the kidnapping and letters with threats. After 779 days of confinement Giuseppe was killed, and his body – dissolved in acid, RIA Novosti reported.

Compensation in favor of his mother and brother was to be claimed from several Mafiosi, serving a sentence for murder. However, their property has long been confiscated, so 2.2 million euros will be transferred to the family by the Italian state from a special fund to support the victims of the mafia.



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