Mali presidential elections hold second round

In the first round of the presidential election held on 28 July in West African country Mali, none of the candidates could reach 50 per cent. Two candidates with the most votes in the second round after nine days will compete.

Official President Ibrahim Bubacar Keita received 41.42 percent of votes, while his closest rival and main opposition leader Soumaila Cisse received 17.8 percent, according to official results released by state minister of finance Mohamed Ag Erlaf on state television. Selective participation in the country where more than 7 million voters were present remained at 43.06 percent.

According to this result, the second round on August 12th will be between Keita and Cisse who took the most votes.

Radical terror groups

Peace and stability have yet to be achieved in the country that won independence from France in 1960. Since the independence of his country, Ülkeyi has directed a total of 6 people who came to the country with military coups and who were temporarily elected for a temporary term.

Especially in recent years, al-Qaeda and ISIS-affiliated radical terror groups, benefiting from the Tuareg people benefiting from the management vacancy in the northern part of the country, have caused the danger of civil war to attack foreign investments.

Finally, at the beginning of 2013, as a result of French military intervention, the jihadists, considered the greatest obstacle in front of peace, were pushed out of the country. In 2014, after France officially halted its operations in the country, a peace treaty was signed between the Financial Authority and the Tuareg rebels and other jihadists in June 2015.

There are about 13,000 United Nations troops in the country, including the French.

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