Nerves have gone. Angelina Jolie is hospitalized with a mental disorder

In the hospital, the star will stay about two weeks. At this time, the work on the film “Maleficent 2”, in which she is being acting, will be suspended.

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was hospitalized with a mental disorder, writes The Hollywood Life.

According to the publication, the star again had the obsession that she is overweight. As a result, Jolie already lost weight to 44 kg with a height of 170 cm and was continued to lose weight.

It is reported that the actress had already went in to this clinic. Several years ago, the staff of this medical institution helped her overcome anorexia.

It needs to be recalled, the most beautiful pair of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are now in full swing of the divorce. As reported by Life, the lawyer of the actress decided not to continue cooperation with her because she “craves blood and wants to destroy Brad Pitt as a father.”