New mass grave case in Mexico: 166 skulls found

A new mass grave was found in the province of Veracruz, a scene of frequent bloody calculations between Mexico’s drug cartels.

The 166 skull was removed from the mass grave located on the Gulf Coast of the province of Veracruz, east of the country.

Prosecutor Jorge Winckler said the skulls were found after about a month of work. Indicating that the bodies found were buried two years ago, Winckler noted that the location of the mass grave will not be disclosed for security reasons.

It was reported that excavation work continued to reveal if there were more bodies in the mass grave.

It is stated that the new mass grave is one of the greatest of those discovered until now.

In the mass grave discovered last year in one of the edge of Veracruz, 250 skulls were found.

In Mexico, more than 30 murders were committed in 2017.

The province of Veracruz has been on the battlefield for many years between Zetas drug cartels and their competitors. The state is also a route for Central American illegal immigrants who want to go to the United States.

Javier Duarte, governor of the province until 2016, is in prison with accusations of “involvement in corruption and organised crime”.

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