New sanctions from USA to Russia

The US announced new sanctions targeting Russian companies and citizens. The Russian Foreign Ministry described the sanctions as “unfounded”.

The United States (USA) has taken a series of sanctions decisions aimed at Russian citizens and companies, citing the threat of cyber attack and oil transfer to North Korea.

Under US sanctions, the US Treasury announced that Russian citizens of Marina Igorevna Tsareva and Anton Aleksandrovich Nagibin were frozen in US assets. It is also announced that the same sanction will be applied to the company named Vela-Marine and the Slovak-based Lacno S.R.O.

These companies and individuals are accused of assisting the St.Petersburg-based company Divetechnoservices to punish sanctions imposed by the United States in June. The sanctions are being implemented on the grounds that Divetechnoservices has supplied underwater equipment and diving systems to certain Russian institutions, including the FSB, the intelligence service. Obama administration took sanctions against the FSB in December 2016, citing cyber operations targeting presidential elections in November 2016 in the United States.

The Tuesday US sanctions resolution came at a time when Russia was concerned that the elections could intervene before the congressional midterm elections in November.

US-based computer software company Microsoft announced on Monday that the company is preventing a hacker attack plan linked to Russia. It is suspected that Russia has intervened in favor of Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections in 2016.

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Sanctions on oil transfer to North Korea

The US has also been ordered to sanction two Russian shipping companies on the grounds that they are transferring petroleum products to North Korea. It was stated that sanctions were taken on grounds that the United Nations Security Council decisions were violated. As part of the sanction, two shipping companies’ assets in the US were blocked and Americans were banned from doing business with these companies. The companies facing the sanction are Vladivostok-based Primorye Maritime Logistics Co. and Gudzon Shipping Co. . Six ships were included in sanctions.

The US Treasury Department has announced that 3,500 tons of oil has been transferred to a North Korean-flagged ship by sea. It is stated that the oil was purchased by Taesong Bank of North Korea. The bank said that the Pyongjang administration also carried out illegal economic activities.

The sanctions are aimed at boosting pressure to ensure that North Korea abandons its nuclear program. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrived in June to negotiate with US President Trump about reconciliation on the Korean peninsula’s desalination of nuclear weapons.

The US sanctions against Russian companies and people gathered Moscow’s reaction. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said the new sanctions were “unfounded”. It was argued that the sanctions in the written statement on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry were based on “false claims”.

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