News Israeli forces strike several targets in Syria

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Sunday it struck several targets in neighboring Syria including artillery batteries and observation posts. Syria’s SANA news agency reported at least three soldiers were killed and seven others wounded in the attack.

The UK-based monitor, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, reported at least 10 military personnel, including three Syrian soldiers, were killed in the strikes.

The Israeli strikes targeted areas near the Syrian capital Damascus which has military positions of Iranian forces and the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, according to the Observatory.

The IDF said it struck military targets in response to the launching of two rockets from Syria towards Israel, one of which it said landed on its territory.

“We hold the Syrian regime accountable and will firmly operate against any attempt to harm Israeli civilians,” an IDF statement maintained.

At the end of last month, Israel said its aircraft had hit a Syrian military post in response to anti-aircraft fire against one of its combat planes. One Syrian soldier was killed, according to state-run media.

Iran on Israel’s doorstep

As the Syrian civil war has wound down, Israel has stepped up its strikes on Iran’s elite forces in the neighboring state.

Israel insists that it will not allow Iran — which has sent forces to help President Bashar Assad in Syria’s civil war — to establish a permanent military presence in Syria.

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