Pandora Papers Find US Trusts’ Links to Foreign Bribery, Rights Abuse Suspects, Reports Say

The authors of the Pandora Papers – a large-scale journalistic investigation of shadow financial schemes and participation of world politicians in them – found in the US almost 30 trusts with assets of foreign individuals or companies accused of fraud, bribery or human rights violations, The Washington Post reported.
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on Sunday published leaked information on alleged offshore activities of hundreds of political figures from across the globe.
The Pandora Papers investigation calls the United States a major tax haven.
According to the newspaper, the probe identified 206 US-based trusts linked to 41 countries, and some 30 of the trusts held assets linked to companies or people accused of bribery, fraud or human rights violations.
The largest number of such organizations turned out to be in the US state of South Dakota, where the assets in trusts have more than quadrupled over the past decade to $360 billion. Alaska, Delaware, Nevada and New Hampshire compete with South Dakota for this category of clients.
The US authorities said they are studying the Pandora Papers, but cannot yet comment on its findings.

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