Pentagon: China is probably doing exercises to hit US targets

The US Defense Department (Pentagon) warns that China is probably conducting “drills targeting the US and its allies” in the Pacific Ocean. There is no report on China yet.

The Pentagon paid attention to the fact that China has increased its military capacity by announcing its annual report to the US Congress.

According to the ministry, China’s bomber planes can now operate in larger areas.

China’s 190 billion dollar defense budget, currently one-third of the US, could reach 240 billion dollars in 10 years.

What else are there in Report?

The Pentagon’s report contains a comprehensive assessment of China’s possible military and economic goals. The report also has the following findings:

  • In the past 3 years, the People’s Liberation Army has gained experience in critical maritime areas
  • China is restructuring its ground forces to “fight and win”
  • The purpose of China’s military reforms; create a striking force that can act as independent units with the ability to become the core of common operations
  • China, which apparently objected to “militarization of space,” also develops the space program

US President Donald Trump also said in June he wanted to add a “space force” as a sixth force to the American army.

What are the tension issues?

The US is concerned about China’s increasing power and influence in the Pacific region.

One of the most critical areas in this regard is the South China Sea, where sovereign rights are controversial.

US planes regularly try to fly over the South China Sea, keeping alive the claim that the airspace is free.

China appears to be trying to strengthen its military facilities over the islands and coral reefs in the region. It is also known that during these exercises some of them have dropped warplanes.

Another tension in the Washington-Beijing line in Taiwan, which is regarded as a separatist region by China.

The Pentagon report warns that China may be working on plans to force Taiwan into the country.

The US cut off official ties with Taiwan in 1979 as a gesture to China. But it is annoying that Washington still maintains close political and military ties with Taiwan.

The United States has significant military power in Japan and the Philippines, which are in separate disputes with China.

The US and China have also recently brought mutual customs duties to their products.



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