Piers Morgan fumes as Matt Hancock forgets Marcus Rashford’s name day after food voucher U-turn

Piers Morgan was left outraged at the Health Secretary Matt Hancock for forgetting Marcus Rashford’s name after his personal plea to the government.

Just yesterday, the Manchester United striker forced ministers to reconsider their free school meal policy, after it was originally decided the voucher scheme would not run throughout the summer months.

However, following the footballer’s open letter to MPs, Prime Minister Boris Johnson took a U-turn and announced the decision had been reversed, which will benefit more than 1.3million children.

Despite the story making headlines, the Health Secretary took to Sky News, where he thanked ‘Daniel Rashford’ for highlighting the need for free meal vouchers to continue over the summer – not Marcus.

And Piers was not impressed and fumed over the mistake on Good Morning Britain.

‘To give you an indication to just how in touch Matt Hancock is, he’s just thanked a footballer for driving a U-turn. Do you know what he called him? He called him Daniel Rashford,’ the 55-year-old quipped.

The breakfast show then played the clip from Sky News, with Piers adding: ‘Daniel Rashford that famous footballer, this is the same Matt Hancock who was very big on footballers.

‘He wanted them to do their bit [during the pandemic], do you remember? Well I remember, this is what he said about footballers…’

After a slight technical difficulty, the controversial journalist’s co-host Susanna Reid explained what Mr Hancock had said about footballers at the start of the global crisis.

‘The footballers should step up and do their bit and, perhaps, because other people have made sacrifices, they should take a pay cut,’ she stated.

Piers then went on to say: ‘Yeah okay, so then I asked Mr Hancock whether he would take a pay cut and do his bit because the New Zealand Prime Minister did her bit and took a 20 per cent pay cut.’

The show played a clip of the Health Secretary telling Piers: ‘I’m not proposing to do that, what I am proposing to do is work every hour there is.’

‘This is why they don’t want to come on,’ the father-of-four said, referring to the government’s GMB boycott.

‘His name is Marcus, not Daniel, but Marcus has done his bit, he has made sure children have food over the summer. What have you done except get it wrong?’ he shouted down the lens directing the question at Mr Hancock.

‘You’re the guy who had the brass neck to stand there and lecture footballers to step up and do their bit. Marcus Rashford has done his bit, now it’s time for you to do yours.’

Piers added: ‘Pretty extraordinary isn’t it, that Marcus Rashford single-handedly drives government policy into a U-turn to help hundreds of kids, and the Health Secretary the next morning can’t even remember his name.’

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