Putin described agriculture as one of the locomotives of the Russian economy

Celebrating the festival of agricultural and manufacturing workers, Russian leader Vladimir Putin stressed that the agricultural field has become one of the driving forces of the Russian economy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, celebrating the professional holiday of agricultural and manufacturing workers, agriculture is one of the locomotives of the Russian economy, he said.

“In recent years, the agricultural area has emerged with an outstanding growth rate. Recently, such growth was not possible in Russia. high technology has become an area of use, all Russian economy was one of the locomotives. Only last year with 135 million tons of grain harvest reached a record level” he said.

‘Our goal is to make people’s desires in their homeland’

Noting that the Russian government will continue to do its best to make life in the countryside richer and more interesting, Putin said, “Our goal is to ensure that people can realize their plans and wishes in their homeland, as well as the best Qualifications and abilities, “he said.

‘Of course there’s so much to do’

Putin noted that everything necessary for the development of medicine, roads and education in Russia would be done, “There is a lot to be done here, but we will undoubtedly continue to progress with you, we will only go forward. Thanks to your talents, I’m sure we will be successful in this matter “he said.

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