Putin said that he does not like the increasing of retirement age

The president declared that there is no final decision on this issue yet.

“The issue is sensitive for a huge number of our citizens, it did not emerge yesterday, it was somehow, with varying intensity, discussed over the years, different options were offered,” he said.

“And when I was asked which of the various options I like, now I can say – I do not like any of them. I do not like [option], connected with raising the retirement age. I assure you, and in the government there are few such people, if they are at all, who likes it,” he told at a meeting with volunteers of the World Cup.

The head of state noted that there is still no final decision on this issue. He promised to evaluate all opinions about retirement age, except for those who are trying to do their advertising on this.

Putin clarified that for five pensioners there are six employees in Russia, and if this balance worsens, “the pension system will burst.” According to the president, ignoring the problems in the pension system, the authorities will “cheat” citizens.

It will be recalled that recently in Russia there was adopted a bill of increasing the retirement age of citizens. For women it increased from 55 years to 63, and for men from 60 to 65.

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