Putin says ready to strengthen Russia-China cooperation

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday praised Russia-China relations and expressed readiness to deepen bilateral cooperation.

“We have great trust in each other. We have managed to foster very sustainable, reliable, well-functioning ties in different domains and spheres,” Putin said via a video conference at the 17th annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, a Russian think tank.

“My friend, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and I talk to each other on a regular basis, discussing what we have to do based on what we have achieved. We always search for new opportunities to move forward,” he said during a Q&A session.

Putin hailed Russia-China cooperation in aviation, energy, trade, infrastructure, humanitarian and military technology areas.

“Our cooperation in the international arena is an important stabilizing factor in world affairs, which is absolutely evident,” the Russian leader noted.

Russia is willing to continue cooperation with China based on mutual respect and trust to maximize the benefits of both peoples, he said.

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