Qatar accused of sabotage in order to prevent their rivals

The Sunday Times newspaper in the UK wrote that Qatar was running a secret sabotage campaign against its competitors to host the 2022 World Cup. Qatar refuses to blame.

The newspaper reports that the Qatari team is working with a public relations company in the US, as well as former CIA agents, aiming to slander against Australia and the United States, which are rivalries for 2022, the newspaper said.

The aim was to create the image that these countries do not have a national support for the World Cup.

This means that FIFA rules are violated.

Qatar’s World Cup nomination has already led to accusations of corruption, but at the end of FIFA’s two-year investigation, the country was laundered.

What are the claims in scribble campaign?

  • An honorary academics paid nine thousand dollars to print an article about the great economic cost of the tournament to be held in the United States, and the article was circulated around the world in press.
  • In each country, journalists, bloggers and fame were paid to write negative letters about the other candidates.
  • A group of US gymnastic teachers were organized to allow representatives in the Congress to demand that the money to be spent for the tournament be spent for better gymnastic education in high school.
  • In Australia rugby encounters have been organized so that fans can protest the World Cup nomination.
  • Intelligence reports were prepared about people in other countries’ campaigns.


The Sunday Times newspaper reported that the source of leaked documents was a person on Qatar’s 2022 nomination team and that FIFA did not reveal these documents during the investigation.

Citing officials said they rejected the Sunday Times’s statements, were investigated by FIFA and no irregularities were detected.


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