Russia announced the imminent resumption of hostilities in Syria

Syrian troops are preparing to solve the problem of terrorists who settled in Idlib province, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told journalists today.

“You know that the situation in Idlib continues to be a topic of special concern in Moscow, Damascus, Ankara, and Tehran. The fact is that a nest of terrorism has formed there, a large enough group of terrorists has settled there, and, of course, this leads to a general destabilization of the situation. This undermines attempts to bring the situation to the path of a political and diplomatic settlement, and most importantly, this poses a significant threat to our temporary base: you know that it is from there that aircraft are sent, which pose a threat to our bases”, said a Kremlin spokesman.

According to him, “this is the main argument”. “Of course, it is necessary to deal with this problem. We know that the Syrian armed forces are preparing to solve this problem”, Peskov added.

Peskov also responded to today’s call of US President Donald Trump to Syrian President Bashar Assad to abandon the “reckless attack on Idlib”. “It’s an incomplete approach to just act with some warnings, not paying attention to the very dangerous negative potential for the whole situation in Syria”, Peskov said. The Idlib theme will be one of the main for leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran in Tehran on September 7, the press secretary of the Russian president said.

Idlib is the last major enclave of militants in Syria. Among them is the high percentage of irreconcilable jihadists who were brought there under the terms of the armistice from enclaves already taken under the control of the Syrian government.

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