Russia imposes sanctions on UK officials

Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation in a statement on Monday stated that it has imposed sanctions on a number of UK officials in response to a recent move taken by London.

Russian Foreign Ministry declined to name the UK officials who have been sanctioned but announced that these individuals would be banned from entering Russia.

“In response to the unfriendly actions of British officials and based on the principles of reciprocity, the Russian side has decided to impose sanctions on a proportionate number of UK envoys involved in anti-Russian activities,” the statement added.

Relations between Russia and UK have been strained in recent months. A few weeks ago, Russian Ministry of Defense announced that a British destroyer had invaded its territorial waters by three kilometers, after which, a Russian border patrol ship and a Sukhoi-24 fighter jet fired a warning signal, calling UK ship to leave the area.

Earlier, the European Parliament had already passed a resolution, calling for new sanctions against Nord Stream Gas Pipeline project, the Russian nuclear power plant, and the expulsion of Russia from SWIFT’s banking messaging system.

In recent weeks, Western countries, including the United States, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, expelled a number of Russian diplomats from their countries at the instigation of Washington.

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