Russian media: Turkish court-ordered priest

Commenting on the release of US priest Andrew Brunson, Kommersant newspaper described it as “laundering” a 3-year punishment for a priest who is seeking 35 years in prison.

Dina Marganova, of the Russian newspaper Kommersant, said: “We can say that the court has laundered priest Brunson. Because, instead of 35 years demanded by the prosecutor’s office, he was sentenced to 3 years and 1 month and 15 days in prison. Moreover, the court released him, taking the time spent in Brunson’s prison, and abolished the ban on leaving abroad. Thus, the priest, returned to his home country, ” she said.

The article also included the interpretation of Aleksey Obraztsov from the Center for Asian and African Studies at the Russian Higher School of Economics.

‘The priest was an excuse’

The release of Brunson will not cause changes in relations between the two countries, said Obraztsov, “The priest was an excuse. They made it an icon that affects the future of international relations. But he can’t actually be like that. ”

The Russian expert said Turkey is trying to show that it is completely independent within the framework of the Brunson case and can conduct its own policy.

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