Russian Tu-95 bombers intercepted by Japan’s jets

Japan has scrambled F-15 fighter jets to track Russian Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers as they performed flights over the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean as Reuters reported.

It was specified that the flights were performed in neutral waters and they were planned.

As we reported, British fighters intercepted Russian Tu-142 aircraft in the North Sea. Two Russian Tu-142 Bear F aircraft were intercepted. These aircraft are used in the roles of Anti-Submarine Warfare and Maritime Patrol. It is essential that their movements are carefully monitored when operating close to UK airspace.

Besides, British Air Force fighter jets have intercepted two Russian aircraft off the coast of Scotland. The Eurofighter Typhoons were scrambled into action after the Tupolev Tu-142 planes “entered the UK’s controlled zone of international airspace”, the Ministry of Defence said.

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