Syrian Military Accuses Israeli Forces of Attacking Army Positions in Hama Province

Israeli air forces have attacked the positions of the Syrian armed forces in two cities in Hama province and the country’s air defence systems repelled the attacks, the command of the Syrian armed forces said on Wednesday.

“At 00:45 a.m. [21:45 GMT on Tuesday], Israel carried out a new act of aggression from the air, attacking several of our facilities in Salamiyah and Sabburah in the province of Hama,” the statement said.

According to the Syrian military, the country’s air defence systems downed a big number of Israeli rockets that brought only some material damage.

The Israeli armed forces have not commented on this information so far.

On Wednesday morning, the Syrian media reported the activation of air defence systems in Hama province. A few hours earlier, Syrian army positions were attacked in As-Suwayda and Deir Ez-Zor provinces. Two Syrian servicemen were killed in these airstrikes.

Israel frequently conducts airstrikes in Syria under the pretext of countering Iran’s alleged military presence in the neighbouring country.

The Jewish state usually asserts that its strikes come in response to rocket attacks on Israel from Syria. Damascus views Israel’s attacks as an assault on Syria’s sovereignty.

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