Tesla has chosen a new chairman of the board of directors instead of Musk

Tesla has appointed a new chairman of the board of directors: her name is Robyn Denholm.

Denholm has been on the Tesla Board of Directors as an independent director since 2014. She enters a new position immediately after being appointed. “I believe in this company, believe in its mission and look forward to helping Elon [Musk] and the Tesla team to achieve sustainable profits and ensure long-term shareholder value”, Denholm says in the message.

Earlier, the chairman of the board of directors of Tesla was its general director Elon Musk. In October, the court banned him from holding this position under an agreement between Musk himself and the Securities Commission (SEC).

The SEC filed a lawsuit against Musk in late October. The reason was the message of a businessman on Twitter about the intention to make Tesla a non-public company and buy shares at $ 420 per share – 20% higher than their quotes at that time. The regulator accused Musk of fraud because of “fake and misleading” publications. SEC considered that he actually made these Twitter posts to impress his girlfriend, Canadian singer Grimes. Musk initially refused to deal with the regulator, but after three days, nevertheless reached an agreement with him.

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