The Japanese journalist, who was released after 3.5 years of Shawshank in Syria, apologized for his country’s discomfort

The Japanese journalist, who was liberated last month, held a press conference for the first time after returning to his country on 25 October. Despite his belief that the kidnapper may not be Nusra, said Jumpei Yasuda, responded to criticism from his citizens for being irresponsible.

Yasuda, who faced journalists for the first time today, went to Syria through Turkey in June 2015, what was going on, what the ordinary people wanted to see first hand, but the guide does not recognize the change of plan He told me he had to watch.

It is a fundamental mistake that should never be done, as it passes through the border as soon as it is delivered to the Kaideans, Yasuda, Syria’s 40 monthly bondage ‘ hell ‘ he described.

In this time, he was transferred to 10 different places, once he was held in a large facility with other hostages, he was treated at various levels ranging from tolerability to torture, a Japanese journalist He said he looked like a group, but they never told him who they were, what group they were connected to.

The speculation that al-Qaeda was taken hostage by the Syrian branch of the al-Nusra Front, who responded to the conclusion that Nusra was not in the hands of the communication between the captive areas and the Nusracılar, the law, the militants feared to be bombed, so He conveed the impression that everything was completely confidential, and that they were trying not to be known by other groups in the region.

“When there are violent clashes anywhere on earth, it is strictly necessary for journalists to go there and see what’s going on. Only governments to disclose, information is not enough, and citizens must meet face-to-head information, “the defense of the law, ” I hope that people who have happened to me in Syria and will be interested in the future. He added.

However, he stressed his country’s troubles, and the government apologised for causing trouble, the Japanese journalist stressed that he was responsible for all the problems that arise.


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