The journalist told about the testing of US biological weapons in the Baltics

According to the expert, Washington under laboratory conditions modified the African plague in pigs, so that it would be resistant to a cold climate.

The United States created a biological weapon for the third world war and is testing it in the Baltic countries. This was stated by the columnist of Sputnik Latvia Alexander Khrolenko.

The journalist cites statistics data that outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) are seen in Eastern Europe. So, in June the disease was found in 165 pigs in Latvia, which led to the need to exterminate another twenty thousand animals at a loss to farmers. 41 cases of infection were recorded in Lithuania, but did not lead to a complete abandonment of pig production.

Khrolenko draws attention to the fact that along with the Baltic countries ASF found in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Georgia. In his opinion, these outbreaks of the disease are paradoxical, since usually the virus is not stable under northern latitudes and it could only be modified in the laboratory.

Meanwhile, the observer notes that the Pentagon has expanded the network of biological laboratories in these countries of Eastern Europe. At the same time, the states that have turned into a testing ground are not informed of the results of the research activities – reports are compiled at the center of biological research at Fort Detrick in the USA.

As the evidence of testing the weapon, the journalist is also cited the fact that in some countries of the CIS and the Baltic countries the national epidemiological surveillance systems are translated into American standards, and they are also accountable to Washington.

In conclusion, Khrolenko suggested that over time, the frequency and danger of biological incidents would thereby bring huge profits to its creator, since the “process of clearing living space” would become significantly cheaper and facilitate the struggle for the planet’s natural resources.

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