The law of the ‘Jewish nation state’ passed through the parliament of Israel

In the Israeli parliament, a controversial law redefining the country as “special to Jews” was adopted after a lengthy session.

With the law of “the state of the Jewish nation” passed by parliament, Arabic language was removed from being one of the two official languages of the country. The continuation of the construction of the Jewish settlements was defined as “a national interest”.

The law states that “a united and whole” Jerusalem is also the capital city of Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the passing legislation despite the intense protest of Israeli Arab parliamentarians, “a historic moment,” he continued:

“In the Middle East, only Israel is paying attention to human rights, this is our country, a Jewish state, and there were those who wanted to question our existence in the near future and put an end to it: today we put it into law: country, language, national anthem and flag.” said.

Parliamentary Arab deputies were shouted to Netanyahu as “a racist apartheid law passed.”

The law lasting until Thursday morning with a vote of 65 “Yes” against 55 “No” describes Israel as “the historic motherland of the Jewish people” and “Jews have a special right to appoint the nation’s destiny”.




Some items, such as the first act of the Constitution of “establishing communities to live only for the Jews,” were extracted from the report by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Justice Minister Ayelet Şaked.

Israel’s population nears 9 million, it constitutes about 20% of the Arab population.

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