The number of homeless people in Britain is increasing: at least 320 thousand homeless

The Shelter Association, working on the homeless, announced that the number of homes in Britain increased by 4 per cent over the last year and 320 thousand.

This means that one out of every 200 people living in England is homeless.

The city where the homeless live is London. But the rate of increase is higher in the Midlands, Yorkshire and northwest England.

This number includes only the homeless who are communicating with local governments and who are staying at hostels that are built for the homeless.

The British government has allocated a budget of 1.2 billion pounds to fight the homeless.

“A family at the breaking point”

There are families among those who have to live in the street or in the hostels.

Stranded Afrik, his wife and two little kids don’t have a place to live. Despite their work, they were homeless because they couldn’t pay the rent.

Family for 4 people, living in a hostel room. That’s their sixth. Hostel. They don’t even have a table to eat, so they eat on the floor.

He says he’s lost his job at the supermarket because he’s trying to find a suitable home for his wire shift.

“I have no self-esteem. My parents are at the breaking point. ”

The Shelter is very difficult to determine the number of inhabitants of the street, and there are many homeless people fleeing or hiding from the authorities.

The number reached in 2016, which was the first year of the study, was 25 thousand less than that of Ankin.

According to new data, 36 people are homeless every day.

According to Shelter head Polly Neate, the main reasons for homelessness are rapidly increasing rents, outage of social benefits and lack of social housing.

Officials say it should take action as soon as the air is cooled, noting that the homeless will try to continue their lives in even more difficult conditions.

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