The patron of European football also said “blockchain”

According to a statement made on UEFA’s official website, the developed blockchain-based application will prevent ticket falsification and copying, allowing fans to buy tickets safely.

UEFA, the patron of European football, has developed a blockchain-based application to avoid the irregularities and forgery experienced during ticket sales. UEFA announced that a blockchain-based mobile ticket application has successfully completed the testing phase. Aiming to find simpler and more reliable ways of selling tickets for football matches, UEFA tested its new application in the UEFA Super Cup match played between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in the Estonian capital Tallinn.

According to a statement made on UEFA’s official website, this developed system will prevent ticket fraud and duplication and allow fans to buy tickets safely. All tickets for the Super Cup tournament in Tallinn were sold through a blockchain-based iOS and Android application developed by UEFA. The new ticket distribution system uses bluetooth technology at stadium entrances to identify ticket buyers.

UEFA tried this practice for the first time in a football match in Lyon, France, selling 50 percent of the tickets through practice. UEFA is expected to continue developing the application for use in future events.

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