Trump responded to journalists’ demand for an end of the attacks on them

Donald Trump commented upon the words of the owner of the New York Times newspaper about stopping the government’s attacks on the media.

According to the US president, some media cloud even good events and achievements.

On Sunday, July 29, US President Donald Trump in his Twitter responded to the statement of the owner of the New York Times Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, who had previously urged the president to stop attacks on the media.

Trump said that some media, namely the New York Times and the Washington Post, negatively cover all the actions of the presidential administration, even positive developments and achievements are represented in a bad light.

The President of the United States urged the media to be accurate, but noted that the New York Times and the Washington Post will never change.

Twitter of Donald Trump

It is worth noting that Trump fights a real war with these newspapers, calling them “fake news” and “enemies of the people.” The main weapon of the president is his Twitter, in which he reacts promptly to events. In the social network, 53.4 million readers were subscribed to the president.


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