Twitter Roasts Theresa May for Botching ‘All Mouth and No Trousers’ Insult at PMQs

The faux pas came after UK Labour and Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn asked Mrs May if she could could confirm whether the European Union had ruled out negotiating the backstop.

UK prime minister Theresa May has been ridiculed on social media for putting a new twist on an old insult whilst having a heated discussion during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), where she accused the shadow prime minister of having “all mouth and trousers”.

Whilst sparring over which party contributed more to failed negotiations in Commons on blocking a no-deal Brexit, Mr Corbyn said: “As I recall it, Mr Speaker, it was [Labour] that put a motion forward to put no-deal off the table.”

Responding to Mr Corbyn’s statement, the Prime Minister accused Labour MPs of being whipped to vote against her Brexit draft plan. “Absolutely typical of the right honourable gentleman,” Mrs May said. “All mouth and trousers”.

But scores of people pointed out the gaffe on social media as the outgoing Prime Minister should have said “all mouth and no trousers” instead.

But some pundits hit back with their own confounding commentary in an attempt to rationalise the Prime Minister’s misquote.

One user responded to another defending the British head of state by offering his own cheeky take on UK ‘corruption’.

The United Kingdom was set to leave the European Union on 29 March, but Theresa May’s government failed to garner enough backing from Commons prior to the deadline, forcing the British Prime Minister to request an extension with Brussels to avoid crashing out from the EU. As the outgoing Prime Minister joins her final PMQ sessions, Tory rivals Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are battling to fill the position, with the victor facing the 31 October deadline to deliver a no-deal Brexit, according to the contenders political platforms.

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