U.S. warns Hitachi not to sell U.K. nuclear project to China

The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has warned Hitachi Ltd. not to sell its nuclear power project in Britain to China due to security concerns, The Sunday Times has reported.

China General Nuclear Power Corp., the country’s largest state-owned nuclear power company, is keen to acquire the project, according to the British newspaper.

In January 2019, Hitachi decided to suspend plans to build a nuclear power plant on the British island of Anglesey in Wales.

Last August, Washington added China General Nuclear and affiliates to its list of foreign businesses to which U.S. companies are effectively barred from exporting products.

The move, aimed at preventing advanced U.S. technology from being used for military purposes by Beijing, followed similar U.S. moves against telecommunications equipment giant Huawei Technologies Co.

Nuclear power generation is a priority area under Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” initiative to bolster its high-tech industry.

As the U.S. sanctions have barred China General Nuclear from using U.S. technology, the Chinese company is apparently looking for ways to expand its nuclear power business outside the United States.

Hitachi is expected to decide what to do with the British nuclear project in September.

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