In Hungary, the upper court broke the ruling 3-year prison sentence given to Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo, who kicked a refugee child into the country during the entry of the refugee caravan from the border with Serbia.

The Supreme Court has decided to be acquitted for the crime of the journalist. In a reasoned decision, the court ruled that the journalist could be judged not “aggression”, but only because of “bad behavior”.

In September 2015, the journalist’s view of a refugee convoy kicking a refugee child into Hungary from the border with Serbia has had a big reaction all over the world.

Petra Laszlo, who works as a reporter on a television channel broadcasting in the radical right line, has been running from the border area of Serbia to capture refugees from the Hungarian territory, while other press members A Syrian refugee who was kicking and carrying a child was caught in the lap.

The lawyers of the Helsinki Human Rights Commission, which participated in previous proceedings as a party, voiced the opinion that the journalist was not only committed to the crime of aggression, but also the crime of “encouraging the people to hate”.

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