US embargo on Iran again: Rouhani condemns US ‘psychological warfare’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned the US reintroduction of the embargo on the country, and described sanctions as “a psychological war aimed at planting seeds of division among the Iranians”.

It is expected that the embargoes targeting the various sectors of the Iranian economy will be followed by sanctions targeting the country’s oil trade.

The European Union is committed to protecting “legitimate businesses” while opposed to embargo.

Ambargolar follows the US administration withdrawing from Iran with a nuclear deal in 2015.

The deal, negotiated during the time of former President Barack Obama, foreshadowed Iran’s controversial nuclear activities against loosening embargoes.

Trump believes that the economic oppression will allow Iran to reach a new consensus and end its “malicious” activities.

Which embargoes have returned?

  • Purchase of US dollar banknotes by the Iranian government
  • Iran’s trade with gold and other precious metals
  • Graphite, aluminum, steel, coal and industrial computer softwares
  • Remittance made with Iranian riyal
  • Activities related to Iranian state treasures
  • Iran’s automotive sector

US President Donald Trump said he would put all the sanctions against Tehran in full force again, after withdrawing his country from the nuclear deal signed with Iran in 2015.

Why was Trump pulled out of a nuclear deal?

Trump described the deal as “terrible, one-sided.”

Trump says the agreement is unacceptable for the Iranian nuclear program, saying that reconciliation does not address Iran’s ballistic missile program and that the Tehran regime has not stopped “malicious behavior” in neighboring countries, including Syria and Yemen.

Unsurprisingly, only the US was withdrawn and other signatories announced that they would stick to reconciliation. However, after the withdrawal of the US, Iran lost half of its currency value.

Trump ,”We are pleased that a large number of international companies intend to exit the Iranian market, and some countries will either stop or reduce imports of Iranian crude oil.” We are calling on all countries to take similar steps to clearly show that Iran must make a choice, either threatening, destabilizing change your behavior and integrate the global economy or continue on the path of economic isolation. “ said.

Trump also warns that individuals and institutions piercing the embargo are at risk of “experiencing severe consequences”.

On November 5, the following embargo, which could potentially cause more damage to Iran, will become operational:

  • Iran’s ports, energy, shipping and shipbuilding sectors
  • Iranian petroleum products related transactions
  • Transactions of foreign financial institutions with the Central Bank of Iran

What was the reaction of the international community?

The Foreign Ministers of Britain, France and Germany and the Foreign Policy Authority of the EU have issued a joint statement and said the nuclear deal is “vital” for global security.

They also announced a legal arrangement to protect European companies doing business with Iran from the US embargo.

However, a senior Trump management official said they were not too worried about this step.


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