US House Votes to Override Trump’s Veto of Major Defense Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives on Monday voted to overturn President Donald Trump’s veto of a major defense bill that contains restrictions on reducing U.S. troops in South Korea and other countries.

The House of Representatives voted 322 to 87 to override Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA) for the fiscal year 2021, just weeks before Trump leaves office. The 740-billion-dollar annual defense bill needed a two-thirds majority for a successful override.

The bill will now return to the Senate, where it will also need a two-thirds majority to overturn Trump’s veto and enact the NDAA into law. If the Senate moves to overturn, it would lead to the first congressional override of a Trump veto.

Trump vetoed the NDAA last Wednesday, taking issue with provisions that limit troop withdrawals from South Korea, Afghanistan and Germany and remove the names of Confederate generals from military bases.

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