US: There is evidence that the Syrian government is preparing to use chemical weapons

U.S. special envoy for Syria Jim Jeffrey, Syrian government forces in Idlib ‘ there are many evidence that they are preparing to use chemical weapons ‘ said.

“I am absolutely sure that we have a very solid stand to make these warnings,” said Jeffrey, who told reporters.

Iran and Russia were expressing concerns that some of the armed organizations before the possible Idlib operation might have organized a chemical attack on the West to act against the Syrian government and that the crime could be overthrown by the Sham government.

“There is a large number of evidence that chemical weapons are being prepared,” said Jeffrey, of any operation against Idlib by Russia and Syria, and the use of chemical weapons in southeastern Turkey or in Syria He said it would lead to refugee raids on controlled areas.

Jeffrey was appointed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s special adviser to Syria to follow talks on the political transition process in Syria on August 17th.

Using the expression “very dangerous ” for the situation in Idlib, Jeffrey said Turkey, which supports some opposition groups in the region, is trying to prevent the Syrian government from attacking the total.

Jeffrey, I think the last episode of the “Idlib” story hasn’t been written yet. The Turks are trying to find a way out. The Turks showed great resistance to a possible attack, “he said.

The US special envoy for Syria also said that the United States has repeatedly forwarded requests for ‘ active ‘ in Idlib for the exclusion of impurities and other radical organisations.

A question about whether this activity includes the US air strikes, Jeffrey replied, “It may also be a way.”

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