Vogue magazine will not include models of less than 18 year old in pages

United States-based monthly fashion magazine Vogue and publisher Condé Nast have announced that they will no longer include models under the age of 18 on their pages.

The magazine also asked other organizations in the sector to call in the same step they wanted to take.

Vogue’s decision was announced on Thursday, entitled “Why the fashion world must adhere to the 18-year-old model standard”.

This step was the continuation of the new rules of business ethics published in January, following the allegations of sexual exploitation, which I opened with the label #MeToo response movement that later spread to the whole world.


Maya Singer, one of the authors of the magazine, gave the following statement on the corner:

“In an environment where the unique vulnerability of children under the age of 18 who are willing to pursue a career but are not fully in control is known, aware and abuse is so common, the ethics rules will not allow the photography of any model under the age of eighteen to be used in editorial terms”

Maya Singer thus revealed the new publication policy of the magazine.

Singer also acknowledged that Vogue is part of an earlier question about the wearing and presentation of underage models described as “attractive adults”.

“It’s over now.” For us, it’s not true for our readers and the young models who compete to appear on these pages”, Singer said, “we can not write back the past but we can do much better things for the future”.


Can create Domino effect

It is stated that Vogue’s step by step initiative of the sector can create a domino effect.

Meanwhile, the American Council of Fashion Designers (CFDA), which has been calling for the fashion world not to use models under the age of 16 years, has made a statement asking designers to work with models over the age of 18.

“The younger models are in the developmental period, the CFMDA CEO told Vogue, and the models caught the attention to the process of being overwhelmed by the words,” they may not have achieved the trust, power, experience, and maturity required to cope with the pressures of this work”.

On the other hand, The Society Management Model Agency, which is also the DNA Model Agency of the world famous celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Adwoa Aboah and Natalia Vodianova and Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner and Willow Smith, is also now available in North American presentations will not work.

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