Which countries’ leaders went drop in their salaries?

Mexico’s newly elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that he would cut his salary by 60 per cent when he began his duty in December.

The monthly salary of the leftist leader will be about $ 5,707, and no public employee will be able to earn a higher salary than the head of state.

López Obrador will turn presidential residence Los Pinos into a cultural center.

Mexican politician is not the only leader to reduce his salary.

From Leibniz University Dr.Philipp  is examining the incomes of the European presidents. Philipp  Koeker says dropping salaries is usually a populist gesture to show the country leader is close to the people.

Separation of appropriation and spending budgets for leaders means that there may be differences between official salaries and the earnings of the prime minister and the president. So knowing the total revenue is not always easy.

There are, significant differences between the actual salaries of leaders around the world.

Singapore’s prime minister is known as the leader with the highest amount salary per annum with $ 2 million a year. This is equivalent to the highest salaries in the country’s private sector.

British Prime Minister Theresa May earns about £ 150,000 a year. Germany’s prime minister Angela Merkel is paying close to 200,000 sterling. Chinese State Minister Shi Jinping is known to have earned only $ 22,000 a year.


Mujica who was Uruguay’s ruling leader until 2015, Jose Mujica, was known as the poorest president in the world. The monthly salary, which is about 7,500 pounds, went down by 90 percent.


Dilma Rousseff, who becomes the president of the Brazil in 2015, was criticized for the economic troubles experienced by the country, leaving a large number of people out of the office and reducing his salary of about 90 thousand dollars per year by 10 percent.

Vladimir Putin

Putin explained that the salary in 2017 was 18.73 million rubles (226.44 pounds). More than half of this money came from selling a real estate in Moscow.

South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, said he would cut half of his salary. That means about 100 thousand pounds will be distributed to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

In Nigeria the president’s salary was 70 thousand dollars until 2015 when Muhammad al-Bukhari came to presidential postion. In 2015, the president and his deputy received a 50 percent cut in salaries.

Which leaders do not get paid?

The current president of the Slovak Republic, who has entered politics as a wealthy businessman, Andrej Kiska is donating a whole benefit to a charitable foundation.

Donald Trump, like many other US presidents, donates a large part of his salary to a charitable foundation and gets only $ 1 a year.

Donald Trump

Former US leaders Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy have done similar symbolic gestures. US leaders was earn about $ 400,000 a year.

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