World War II bomb defused in Frankfurt

A 500-kilogram World War II-era bomb discovered in central Frankfurt has been successfully defused.

The ordnance clearance service gave the all-clear on Sunday afternoon.

“It went smoothly,” a spokesman said.

The unexploded bomb was discovered 10 days ago during construction work near the European Central Bank headquarters in Germany’s financial capital.

In the run-up to the bomb disposal, some 16,500 people had to be evacuated.

The city’s zoo remained closed, ships on the river Main, long-distance trains and commuter trains did not operate at times or were diverted, plus a runway at Frankfurt airport was temporarily closed.

Frankfurt’s fire services are well-versed in bomb disposal operations.

In September 2017, 65,000 residents had to be evacuated so that a British “blockbuster” bomb weighing 1.8 tonnes could be removed.

German authorities estimate that around 15 per cent of the bombs dropped during WWII failed to explode, and more than 2000 tonnes of unexploded weaponry are found each year.

In the rush to rebuild after the war, Germans often just buried the munitions,

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