8 suggestions to improve your sense of direction

You find yourself somewhere else while trying to go one time, are you constantly lost? Are you complaining that your sense of direction is weak?

Recommendations to develop a sense of direction from neuropsychologist Catherine Loveday.

1.Plan your route


If you have Google Streetview or other maps showing your route on your phone or on your computer, review them before you go on a trip and identify specific points to keep in mind. These signs make your job easier during the actual journey.

2.Calm down


Try to be calm. Worrying creates extra mental burden and reduces your ability to navigate. Before you travel you can get rid of worrying about the planning.



Talking on the phone, casting a message, or even thinking about something else, influences the sense of direction. You should concentrate all your attention on this work and focus on what you see in your surroundings.

4. Find points


Wherever you are, find yourself some signposts and try not to miss them. This could be a high building for example. Then you can set the direction according to it and you can create the diagram of that region in your head.

5. Look back


People often concentrate on what they see in front of them; but looking at their backs, they see what is happening there. This is especially important in terms of going back the same way.

6. Think about locations


Another way to remember when you are back is to place the song you are talking to at a certain point in your song or listen to it. So it is easier to remember in translation.

7. Take a photo


If you need to repeat a journey, take pictures of important places on the first trip and then study them. The research shows that the photo is more effective than the video.

8. Revive your journey in your eyes


Once you have made a journey, you will strengthen your neural connections in your brain and memory about that event by considering what you think and do.

If you still can not find your way and you have no idea where you are going, you can, of course, apply to your smartphone. However, the more you use navigation, the less exercise you have to do with your natural sense of sight.

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