AI Defeats Human F-16 Pilot in DARPA’s AlphaDogFight Trials Final Event

DARPA’s AlphaDogfight Trials came to an exciting end Wednesday with a simulated aerial dual that pit the winning AI-powered F-16 ‘pilot’ against a human counterpart. This event was used to determine the viability of relying on machines in a fast-paced, unpredictable air-to-air combat environment. Plus, it helped officials see just how human and machine pilots can share operational control of a fighter jet to maximize the chances of success in a real mission.

Once the new algorithms are developed, DARPA will have to find out how to solve the human-machine teaming, and the workload that must be shared in the dynamic situations of aerial combat where aircraft are getting damaged and whatnot. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly shift responsibilities back and forth so that you can have the air dominance desired.

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