AI-Powered Toonify Transforms Human Faces Into Cartoon Characters

Thanks to AI-powered neural networks, we can generate photorealistic human faces from thin air, and now, transform those portraits into cartoon characters. Called “Toonify,” this tool is running on Pix2pixHD, an image-to-image conversion model. How does it work? Well machine learning expert Doron Adler trained a StyleGAN model to recognize features a that are cartoon-like, and then the tool automatically selected fake human faces from ThisPersonDoesNotExist to augment with them.

Justin Pinkney, another machine learning expert working on the project, blended his model with Adler’s to create a “layer-swapping” process that selects the desirable characteristics from each image. This basically means that only half the structure is cartoon-like, while the other retains its human features, complete with lighting and other high-resolution details.

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