Artificial intelligence lie detectors are coming to EU airports

The European Union is starting to use an artificial intelligence system that has a lie detector to control passengers quickly and efficiently at airports.

The European Union’s (EU) artificial intelligence border officials will be tested for 6 months at airports in Hungary, Lithuania and Greece, designated as pilot countries.

The system, called Iborderctrl, will be implemented at four different checkpoints in Hungary.

Artificial intelligence border officials who will have a lie detector will ask passengers who pass the checkpoint to ‘ what’s inside your suitcase? ‘, ‘ will they confirm that your responses are correct? ‘

By using artificial intelligence in the new system, even the most uncertain body movements of the passengers will be analyzed and given points for each response.

Can speak in any language

The system can be adjusted according to the gender, ethnicity and language spoken by each passenger. The passengers passing the test will be able to cross the border with a barcode they receive. If they fail, the virtual Border Officer will report the situation to the real border police.

The cost of the TEST process is $5 million

Speaking at the European Commission, project coordinator George Boultadakis said they developed their technology to make the controls at the border points accurate and effective.

The Test process is allegedly expected to cost the EU $5 million, and will collect data that goes beyond the biometric and biological indicator scams.

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