Best time for buy flight tickets?

A new research on airline ticket prices revealed a striking fact. In the study, prices of about 10 million flights were examined worldwide. Discrepancy was detected in ticket prices. This discrepancy has been attributed to the change of the ticket purchase day according to the purpose of travel.

According to the study, those who travel for business will usually get their tickets close to the end of the week, i.e. on Friday. However, those who will fly for vacation prefer discounted travel and usually buy their tickets on Sunday.

Airlines Reporting Corporation, the cheapest ticket on flights in Europe, 140 days before the flight, 57 days before the flights can be found in the U.S. said.

Getting tickets too early can sometimes cost more. Airline companies often organize ticket prices for international flights about 5-6 months before the flight. The tickets are usually more expensive, as researchers have more than 6 months to fly.

The previous research revealed that the best day to buy cheap airline tickets was Tuesday. The reason for this was that the ticket pricing authorities, who made the work on Monday, had to go to the discount if they saw that the weekend ticket was not sold, and that it was reflected in the prices on Tuesday.

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