British scientists revealed the secret of the Bermuda Triangle

Researchers believe that the cause of the disappearance of ships in this dangerous zone could be huge waves.

The Bermuda Triangle – an area of ​​700 thousand square kilometers in the northern part of the Atlantic – has been in disrepute for many years. Many times ships and planes were lost there. In some cases, the expeditions sent to their search did not find any debris, and sometimes the disappearing ships found themselves completely empty in the middle of the sea.

According to the staff of the University of Southampton, for the sinking of ships there can be blamed so-called wandering waves 20-30 meters high and more.

As scientists explained, these giant “killer waves” arise suddenly and seemingly on their own. For a long time they were considered a myth, although by the end of the twentieth century scientists managed to record them thanks to new instruments. In particular, in 1997, the satellites “noticed” such a wandering wave up to 30 meters high off the South African coast.

To test their hypothesis, experts from the University of Southampton created a model of the American vessel Cyclops, disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1918 with 300 people on board. Having arranged an experiment with the model, scientists have proved that a huge wave is can split up in two parts even a very large ship, which was the Cyclops. After that, researchers explained, the ship quickly sank along with the crew and passengers. “The bigger the ship, the more destructive it will be,” said Dr. Simon Boxell, participant in the experiment. According to his calculations, the ship could sink in just two or three minutes.

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