Cooking in Antarctica minus 70 degrees

Cyprien Verseux is a glacialist and Astrobiologist. He’s working at the Concordia station in Antarctica right now.

Even though it is approximately 400 km from earth, the International Space Station is closer to civilisation than here. Cyprien, who has been doing research on climate, keeps a blog in his spare time and tells that they live in such a difficult area. Life Portal Bored Panda’s collection of Cyprien’s life in Antarctica sections.

It’s so cold in here that no car can come and go for nine months. We’re a 13-man Team. We have Technicians, Scientists, Cooks and Doctors.

The oxygen deprivation and the barren desert landscape makes scientists feel like they’re living on another planet.

Cyprien decides to go out for fun and make dinner and photograph these Moments. He’s starting to cook different kinds of food.

The gravity-defying photos show the intensity of the cold in Antarctica in a vivid way.

“This is not a picnic ” says Cyprien.

The photos are Baffed.

With temperatures reaching below -80 degrees in winter, this is definitely the coldest place on Earth. We saw the sun for the first time in august, after three months. The air is very dry and the oxygen level is very low.

Fresh food ran out in the early winter. We eat mostly frozen food because we have no resources from February to November. We keep the food in the containers to avoid freezing.

Although it is a difficult area, Concordia attracts the attention of many researchers from different areas such as astronomy, human physiology.

Our goal here is to see how mankind will adapt to the moon or Mars with similar conditions…

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